Interessante Broschüre unseres Netzwerkpartners CK Compliance Kompakt Solutions GmbH. Speziell in Vorbereitung auf eine Unternehmenstransaktion, gilt es zu diesem Thema eine saubere Struktur aufzubauen. 

Unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Haberstock ist ein Artikel über das Akquisitionsverhalten chinesischer Investoren in Deutschland entstanden. 

Im Rahmen eines Management-Buy-In (MBI) erwirbt Oliver Th. Fritz 100% der Geschäftsanteile an der SOTEC GmbH. Die Altgesellschafter von SOTEC sichern mit dem Verkauf die Unternehmensnachfolge sowie die zukünftige Weiterentwicklung. Steinbeis M&A hat die Transaktion vorbereitet und durchgeführt sowie die Verkäufer beraten. 

As part of a management-buy-in (MBI), Oliver Th. Fritz acquires 100% of the shares in SOTEC GmbH. The old shareholders of SOTEC secure the company succession as well as future development with the sale. Steinbeis M&A prepared and executed the transaction and advised the seller.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Haberstock, a very interesting article on “Corporate Venturing” has been created, which was published in the renowned specialist magazine M&A Review.

Steinbeis M&A is continuing to grow and strengthen its team in Mannheim and Hamburg.

Mannai (Qatar) strengthens its presence in Europe and acquires shares of the listed Gfi Informatique (France). In this project, Steinbeis M&A has accompanied a successful cross-border transaction between Qatar and France, thereby identifying the target company and initiating cross-border negotiations.

Alpina Partners is expanding its medium-sized enterprise group in the ERP segment by acquiring 100% of its shares in cimdata software AG. The sellers Infoniqa Holding and iLab24 will in the future focus on other areas, resulting in the sale of the cimdata portfolio company. Steinbeis M&A prepared and executed the transaction and advised the seller.

An acquisition brings many advantages for entrepreneurs. But many SMEs do not want to take the risk, or are not sure what acquisition candidates are available. An example from the IT sector shows the obstacles to buying another company – and how they can be avoided.

Corporate venture capital funds are booming and institutional investors can also benefit from the somewhat better opportunities had by start-ups in the slipstream of larger companies. Specialised M&A advisers help them to forge successful strategic alliances.

Deal mediation has a varied role to play as part of company acquisitions and disposals; for avoiding conflicts and settling disputes. Using an M&A deal mediator at an early stage of a transaction increases the chances of success substantially and in a variety of disputes it has many advantages over classical arbitration or litigation.

Conventional venture capital investors expect high returns, charities insist on non-profit activities. Impact investors occupy the ground between them. They aim to measure the social and ecological benefits with the help of the gamma factor.

The two Steinbeis partners, Michael Pels Leusden and Lothar Jakab, gave Institutional Money an interview about impact investing.

Michael Pels Leusden, a partner at Steinbeis, was interviewed by the Institutional Money journal about the refinancing opportunities available when private equity funds need to roll over maturing debt at their portfolio companies.

Steinbeis M&A applied its methodical disposal process to sell Mannheim-based Karl-Friedrich Schilling Elektrotechnik GmbH to the R+S Group.

Steinbeis advised Metabo AG on an international tender for the sale of its LUREM subsidiary in France.

English: Steinbeis supported the Metabo AG by the sale of LUREM, France.

Steinbeis advised on the sale of the Metabo production site in Meppen to the Purkart Group. 60 jobs were saved.

English: Steinbeis helps Metabo sell its production facilities in Meppen.

Systematic company sale secures jobs, the continued existence of the company and assets.

"Children have to grow" – Steinbeis donates to Lebenshilfe to build a garden for school children.

How does a technical dealer safeguard the future of their company? There are several ways, depending on the circumstances. Once the best way has been identified, it is important to follow a few basic rules. In all cases it is important to search systematically for a successor or an ideal growth partner.