For 30 years Steinbeis has been one of the world's most successful practitioners of knowledge and technology transfer, building stable bridges between know-how and its application.

The Steinbeis Network currently comprises over 1,000 Steinbeis centres and companies in more than 60 countries.

The service portfolio of the specialist Steinbeis companies in the network covers consultancy, research and development, vocational and professional training as well as analyses and expert opinions for all areas of management and technology. Around 6,000 experts and 700 professors contribute to the practical transfer of knowledge between academia and business.

The wide range of know-how in the Steinbeis Network generates synergies that add significant value for our clients. 

Steinbeis M&A also has an extensive network of contacts to commercial banks and to public-sector, savings and co-operative banks. We are a patron of the Mittelstand platform Rhein-Neckar for instance, which was set up by Volksbank Weinheim eG. 

Furthermore, we work with a number of private equity and venture capital funds as well as with high-calibre private investors.

We complete our range of services by working with well-known auditors (for tax and accounting opinions) and law firms (for legal opinions).