Steinbeis M&A assumes its social responsibility by donating up to 10% of its profit to charitable institutions or projects. 

Those supported by donations include homeless people in Heidelberg, a children's hospital in India, a support centre in Mannheim, a school in Benin, micro-lending in Ghana and a foundation that treats chronically sick children using alternative medicine.

Our support is therefore focused on helping people to help themselves in specific projects, or on purely humanitarian aid. In addition to financial donations we also do this by means of active personal involvement on the ground.

In the area of healthcare we have recently made incredible progress with the use of alternative treatments at summer camps for chronically sick children (including a complete cure in the case of epilepsy). This prompted our managing shareholder Steffen Lohrer to set up the for Holistic Medicine in 2012 and provide it with sufficient capital.

Experience shows that many sick children and adults can be helped by complementary or alternative forms of therapy. This is documented by positive and encouraging reports from therapists and patients, medical case notes and scientific studies. But often the people are concerned and their families do not have the necessary information, the quality contacts and the financial resources to make use of these opportunities.

Conscious living, the use of relaxation techniques, and a critical examination of one’s own personality can also counteract stress factors, which are the root cause of many illnesses. Inner personal growth and positive development of consciousness contribute to sustained health.

The purpose of the is to provide assistance in the cases described above.