Podcast with Winfried Küppers: Episode #043 with Steffen Lohrer

Steffen Lohrer in an interview with dedicated advisor Winfried Küppers from Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Vertriebsanalytik Hilzingen about ethical and relaxed company sales and acquisitions.

Steffen Lohrer is Managing Director and founder of Steinbeis M&A Partners GmbH. In the meantime, however, he no longer just advises entrepreneurs on their intentions to buy or sell, but coaches them in parallel towards composure. Which role meanwhile for him the 3Gs: Healthy, Happy, Serene play, he tells in the new episode System Competence.
In the current podcast, he talks about how M&A works, but most importantly, what matters in entrepreneurship.

Especially practical is his tip on how to get out of the hamster wheel and reduce stress within 1 minute.

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