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Holistic transaction advice by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

Steinbeis M&A is one of the leading M&A consultancies with a focus on medium-sized companies. It offers a comprehensive and professional range of consulting and services across all sectors:

  1. Company sale
  2. Company acquisition
  3. Transaction strategy
  4. Capital structuring

Our clients are medium-sized entrepreneurs and companies as well as international corporations that want to establish themselves in the European market. Our partners have decades of experience as entrepreneurs and advisors, which is why they have a strong understanding of their clients. Overall, they have continued to complete over 200 successful transactions in various industries in recent years.

In addition, the advisory boards (selected entrepreneurs and leaders) bring valuable know-how, industry expertise and network to the projects.

Our clients benefit from the combination of our M&A, ESG, advisory and industry expertise, which adds unique value and is crucial to the success of our projects.

Experience & Competence

Our partnership is defined by experience and competence, but it is only through shared values that an effective service package is created for the client:

  • Meaning: We want to support our clients in becoming successful and satisfied in every transaction.
  • Responsibility: Every year, a portion of our proceeds goes to charitable projects.
  • Relationship: People are our focus: sincerity, trust and good relationships are equally valuable to us among ourselves and in our cooperation with clients and negotiating partners.
  • Quality: Our work is carried out at the highest level of quality: we continuously review our processes, the tools we use and keep ourselves up to date through regular training and best-practice seminars.
  • Value optimisation: As an ESG specialist, we optimise company value and the environment for our clients

Social Responsibility

Since 2004, we have been donating a considerable part of our profits to institutions or projects with a charitable purpose!

So far, we have supported more than 50 projects, including the Medicine and Humanity initiative, all homeless people in Heidelberg, the Biological Cancer Prevention, a children’s hospital in India, Lebenshilfe Mannheim, a school in Benin, microcredit in Ghana and a foundation that helps chronically ill children with alternative healing methods.

We specifically focus on helping people to help themselves in individual projects and supporting purely humanitarian projects. In addition to financial donations, we often get involved on site through personal and active commitment.

Since we made incredible progress in the area of health through holistic healing methods in summer camps, each consisting of about 15 chronically seriously ill children (even including a complete cure for epilepsy), our managing partner Steffen Lohrer decided in 2012 to establish the Steffen Lohrer Foundation for Holistic Medicine and Personal Growth and to provide it with sufficient capital.

In addition to holistic approaches that are used complementary to conventional medicine, stress factors that may cause diseases can also be neutralised through conscious living, the use of relaxation techniques and dealing with one’s own personality. The personal care, inner growth and positive development of consciousness contribute to sustainable health.

Steinbeis ESG

Why is ESG becoming increasingly important in M&A transactions? What are the benefits of taking ESG factors into account? How can companies ensure that they are equipped for future M&A requirements?

The importance of ESG in M&A transactions: A look into the future

In recent years, we have seen a significant shift in the way companies view and execute mergers and acquisitions (M&A). A key element of this change is the growing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. ESG is no longer just a “nice extra”, but a decisive criterion in the evaluation and execution of M&A transactions.
Here are the top three reasons why ESG will be central to M&A transactions:

  1. Risk minimization: Companies that integrate ESG factors into their business practices are often better positioned to identify and mitigate potential risks. This can range from environmental risks, such as climate change adaptation, to social risks, such as labor rights issues. In M&A transactions, such risks can have a significant impact on the value and long-term profitability of a deal. A strong ESG profile can therefore serve as an indicator of a well-managed company that is capable of overcoming future challenges.
  2. Value enhancement and competitive advantage: ESG can have a direct impact on company value. Companies that invest in ESG can benefit from improved operations, stronger brand loyalty and better access to capital. In addition, investors are increasingly looking for companies that meet ESG criteria, as these are often seen as more sustainable and future-proof. This can significantly increase the value of a company in an M&A transaction.
  3. Regulatory requirements and social pressure: The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and there is growing pressure from governments and regulators around the world for companies to comply with ESG standards. At the same time, stakeholders, including customers, employees and the general public, are demanding that companies act more responsibly. Companies that fail to meet these requirements can face significant penalties, reputational damage and a decline in business value.

In conclusion, ESG is not just a fad, but a critical factor for the success of M&A transactions in the future. We are committed to educating our clients on the importance of ESG and helping them to execute transactions that make both financial and ethical sense.

ESG Quick Check

Where do you stand on the subject of ESG?

The ESG Quick Check offers you a quick and precise overview of your current ESG performance. In an initial clarification meeting, we work together to identify your strengths, opportunities and potential challenges in the area of ESG. By completing our specific questionnaire, you will get a clear idea of the ESG data already available in your company. After a detailed evaluation and classification, we offer you a feedback meeting in which we discuss targeted measures and next steps.

ESG Roadmap

Your roadmap to an ESG strategy.

The ESG Roadmap is your guide to developing and implementing an effective ESG strategy. We support you with strategic ESG alignment, conduct a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and help you set clear milestones and KPIs for your ESG initiatives. With dedicated project management and a clear communication plan, we ensure that your ESG projects are implemented successfully and efficiently. Let’s work together to turn your sustainability goals into reality.

ESG Rating

Evaluate. Optimize. Excelling.

Our ESG rating service enables you to evaluate and optimize your ESG performance in detail. Through targeted detailed discussions and interviews, we identify the ESG potential and needs in your company. Our experts conduct a thorough process review and offer specific recommendations for optimizing your ESG processes. With the ESG rating from Steinbeis Augsburg Business School, you send a clear signal of your sustainability expertise and show that you are at the forefront of ESG.

In the area of ESG, we work very closely with our sister company, Steinbeis IFEM – Augsburg Business School.

Network partners

Network partners

Steinbeis M&A relies on strong partnerships and cooperations in many areas in order to offer clients a full range of advice in addition to its own services.

An active network with various consulting companies, commercial and state banks, savings banks and Volksbanks, first-class deal platforms, various private equity & venture capital companies, high-class private investors and family offices, renowned auditing companies (tax and accounting expertise) as well as law firms (legal expertise) complete the range of services.

Steinbeis Group

Steinbeis M&A, with offices in Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Zurich (CH) and Vienna (A), is a member of the Steinbeis Network, a leading service group for knowledge, consulting and technology transfer in Europe. Around 6,000 employees (700 professors) currently work for the Steinbeis Network in around 1,100 specialized companies. As technology and industry experts, they support our team on a project-by-project basis with their special knowledge and individual experience. The experts develop solutions that bring real added value. This is how the Steinbeis Network has become one of Europe’s most successful service providers – and a trademark for medium-sized businesses.

For more than 30 years, the “Steinbeis” brand has stood for successful knowledge, consulting and technology transfer. Steinbeis builds stable bridges between knowledge and application because Steinbeis employees are at home in both worlds. At Steinbeis, the concrete benefit for the customer or partner is the focus of all projects. The Steinbeis Network offers technology, management and consulting expertise from a single source and in a unique range.

Steinbeis is a problem solver and service provider in consulting, research and development as well as education and training for partners from all sectors and of all sizes.

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