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Company acquisition

M&A consulting from the idea to the acquisition

With comprehensive industry expertise, Steinbeis M&A supports medium-sized companies, corporate groups and financial investors in the development and implementation of acquisition strategies and buy-and-build concepts. Due to our special approach and renowned name, we achieve the highest success rates in the market when approaching potential target companies.

Acquisitions: Company acquisitions in Germany and abroad

Steinbeis M&A’s primary areas of focus in its M&A practice include:

  • Expansion of German companies through company acquisitions in Germany and abroad
  • Expansion of foreign companies through company acquisitions in Germany
  • Implementation of industry-specific buy-and-build strategies for financial investors
  • Support for management buy-outs (MBO)/management buy-ins (MBI)

Focus on content-related targets for acquisitions:

  • Acquisition of companies to round out the product portfolio
  • Acquisition of new technologies through a company acquisition
  • Opening up new target groups or market regions
  • Removal of a competitor through acquisition

Company acquisition: M&A consulting with a system

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process – from the identification, analysis and confidential approach of target companies, through due diligence and all negotiations, to the signed purchase agreement.

  • Assistance in devising growth strategies involving M&A approaches that can be executed in the market.
  • Identification and validation of target companies matching the M&A and portfolio strategy
  • Execution and organization of the transaction process until closing

Strategic preparation of the company acquisition

At the start of the takeover process, it is important to examine which companies are fundamentally suitable based on the defined acquisition strategy. Important aspects include access to suppliers, customers and qualified personnel as well as technological know-how and, if applicable, government investment incentives. Size (sales, employees), economic status (profit, cash flow, relevant key figures) and the quality of management also play an important role in assessing the attractiveness of potential acquisition targets. In addition, exclusion criteria must also be defined.

On this basis, we conduct market research, consult with industry experts and network partners to provide preliminary assessments of the potential availability of target businesses.

Acquisition: contacting target companies

We personally contact the owners of target businesses through their private addresses to assess their preliminary interest in selling. The reputable Steinbeis name and confidentiality agreement usually result in quick advancement to further discussions.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the motives behind the outreach and articulate the strategic goals and drivers of our client, who has yet to be disclosed. If there is interest in a discussion, we provide further information and coordinate an initial meeting between the target company and our client.

Clarifications of mutual interests and strategic fit

Through a multi-stage analysis and discussion process, we analyze the strategic fit and investigate whether the target company, with its products, markets, economic development and corporate culture, fits the buyer’s acquisition strategy.


We coordinate the due diligence process and bring together the external consultants (auditors, tax advisors, lawyers) and specialists on the buyer side with the decision-makers and specialists on the target company side.

Based on the due diligence reports of the external consultants, we analyze facts and figures and evaluate the business opportunities and risks of a potential acquisition.

Steinbeis M&A provides support in all phases of the transaction

We accompany our client through all phases of the transaction, coordinate the communication between all parties involved in the project and manage the negotiations.

Post-merger integration included

In order to secure the acquisition targets after the transaction has been completed and to realize the desired sustainable added value, a successful integration is required. A post-merger integration team made up of managers and experts on both the buyer and seller sides, supplemented by a specialist management consultant if necessary, manages the integration process and supports the leveraging of synergies from joint market development.

What can we do for you?

Are you thinking about acquiring a company? We are happy to support you – from the development of a strategy, through market research and all phases of the acquisition, to post-merger integration. Our M&A partners will find the best possible solution. We are happy to be there for you at any time.

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